The Weird Words


 of Joel Jenkins


Series Listing--

This is the current listing of series. You'll note that some of the series have only one book in them. In some categories (like Biography and perhaps Children's Books) they are likely to remain at just one book, but in other cases (such as Monica Killingsworth) sequels are planned or perhaps already written (Lone Crow, Greattrix Chronicles) and waiting to go through the editing and publishing process.

Annals of the Warp Witch

Jupiter's Worm 

Arthurian Fantasy:
Island of Lost Souls 

Barclay Salvage:
Off Season
One for the Dark and Shadowed Sky 

One Foot in My Grave

Children’s Books:
The Pirates of Mirror Land

Weird Worlds of Joel Jenkins
Weird Worlds of Joel Jenkins 2

Weird Worlds of Joel Jenkins 3 

Damage Incorporated Series:
The Sea Witch
The Sun Stealer

Denbrook Supernatural:
Devil Take the Hindmost
The Teeth of Necropolis

Dire Planet Series:
Dire Planet
Exiles of the Dire Planet
Into the Dire Planet
Strange Gods of the Dire Planet
Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet

The Gantlet Brother Series:
The Nuclear Suitcase
The Gantlet Brothers Greatest Hits
The Gantlet Brothers: Sold Out
The Specialists (Sly Gantlet & Dillon)

The Greattrix Chronicles:
Skull Crusher

Rise of the Skull Crusher

Lone Crow:
The Coming of Crow

Monica Killingsworth:

Dead Blonde Walking

Tales from the City of Bathos Series:
Escape from Devil’s Head
Through the Groaning Earth