The Weird Words

Action & Adventure in Many Genres

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The common theme in these unlikely pairings and diverse genre-wanderings is that each of these tales is filled with action and adventure. So, no matter what book of mine you pick up, you will find heaping dollops of action, way out adventure, cliffhangers, and excitement.

Unlike many authors who eschew purple prose as beneath them, I find that unadorned and non-descriptive prose is unpoetic, plain and drab. I enjoy the colorful phrasing and muscular verbiage of Homer and Howard, and--have I mentioned this?--I like to keep the action moving.

I've pursued prose in many different genres. I've written westerns, weird westerns, science fiction, sword and science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers about muscular musicians. I've mixed paranormal romance with hard-boiled detective, scribed a true life tale about a friend of mine who was dying from cystic fibrosis, and even written a children's book about a plush purple rabbit and a stuffed gopher.


 of Joel Jenkins